The game will take place in Ricket’s Mile Texas, also known as Ricket City. A fictional town in West Texas. The game will use the Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition rules set and will require that you read some if not all of the world material presented here in this wiki to play. Myself and another have worked really hard to flesh it out and I would like all characters in the game to in some way incorporate their characters into the universe.

The character requirements are as follows:

• Power Level 10 build

• Any Power/Powers will be allowed as long as they are built using the core book and only the core book, no other Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition material will be allowed, as I do not own it.

• I would ask that you present a vague concept of your character if you have not fully fleshed them out. Something that covers their personality, powers, and appearance. This is all that is required in the RTJ and to potentially be accepted into the game; more detail will be necessary but not until all the players have met and decided on the best way to make their characters work with one another before the game starts. Keep in mind you may need to be flexible when making your character because you may be asked to change things about them to make them better work on a team, this will most likely be their attitude and personality, but there is a slim chance that you might need or want to change their power(s).

• A posting rate of at least once a day or as necessary if it is taking longer to get something played out.

• Experience is not required, I am willing to work with anyone who is interested in playing super heroes as long as they possess a physical copy of Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition Player’s Handbook, and has at least read it and has a basic concept of what I am explaining when/if they need help after having read the book.

• This game will run the gambit of themes and genres from comic books, from the campy to the gritty and grungy so feel free to make a character from any age from the golden to the modern everything will go. The only requirement I have on this topic is the character must be able to work well on a team and at their most basic be a good person. While I can live with one anti-hero I do not want everyone to be one and I do not want them to be more anti than hero.

• Lethality will exist in my world I would prefer that the players and their characters have a four color outlook on things, but I am fine with having heroes who ‘punish’ the villains so long as it is ok with the rest of the team who may not be as dark as they are.

• The group is king. Before we start there will be a small amount of time where I want everyone to talk about their characters and help change and better design their personalities to work well with the group. The one and only problem I ever have in this game is that the team doesn’t work because everyone is in a solo mindset. So please if team cohesion building is a theme you want to cover in game because you feel your character(s) need to grow into being on a team that is fine but get the group on board with that idea and let me know so we can orchestrate that instead of having chaos.

• As stated before I want your character to in some way be integrated into this universe. Perhaps they are a legacy hero, a young side kick who has set off on their own, or perhaps you are a mantle bearer and have taken the mantle of a fallen or missing hero in order to continue their cause and fight; perhaps being the next Robin Hood or maybe the Torch of Freedom has chosen you to wield it, Maybe you are a new hero never seen before, created just recently and maybe those powers came from the Omega Strain, it is a comic book anything is possible Just please involve the universe in some way in the back-story of the character.

• And finally Back-story, I want one as detailed as possible. You don’t need one to get into the game but you do need one before we begin playing, so that I better understand your character. Your back-story will in essence be issue number 1 of your character’s comic so please think of it in those terms unless you are a character who has been around for a long time; since the golden age or silver age, then some additional info may be required to cover your long an extensive career.

That is what I want from you. Now a bit about me so that you know who is going to be running and whether or not you want to play.

I have been role-playing for a long time now, though admittedly not as long as some or maybe even most. I began role playing in the year 2000 and have been doing so ever since, I love super heroes and comic books and whenever M&M 1st Edition came out I gobbled it up, then when 2nd Edition came out I gobbled it up too. Now I plan to give 3rd edition a try, I have run many games in 1st and 2nd but this is my first attempt at running 3rd. So please allow for some hiccups.

I am no stranger to Play by Post and have in fact run one game play by post before but not on Rpol and not recently, so while there may be hiccups because of a new system I expect hiccups from not having run a PbP in a long time. I do PbP as a player so I hope to keep my newbness to a minimum.

Now a bit about the game:

You will be taking on the role of Sentinel, which in this universe is basically being an Avenger or Justice League member. A very highly sought position in the hero community. The game will start with the Texas Sentinels having gone missing and you being chosen as their replacements, that will all happen in game so don’t worry about working that into a back story, just giving you a heads up. You will begin investigating their disappearance while at the same time having to protect the city of Ricket’s Mile and perhaps even the country and the world from sinister forces.

This game will be considered a graphic novel and will include 5 planned adventures/issues, I say planned because you might want to do something that I have not planned for and take the adventures in new directions that require more or fewer adventures/issues, with the planned fifth adventure/issue concluding the novel. If we manage to get that far we can continue with another graphic novel or stop there. I say get that far because as most of you are probably aware it takes forever to get anything done in a play by post game and they tend to lose either players or GMs due to life happening, which happens. Myself I am fairly stable at this particular time so I don’t foresee any problems with my availability but as always life happens and does come first.

If you have any more questions just ask; but I imagine that this wiki will cover most all topics that might have questions arise.

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